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OTTO KRAUSE INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS, CONVEYANCERS & NOTARIES is a dynamic law firm dedicated and ultimately committed to providing superior legal advice and exceptional levels of service to all existing as well as any prospective clients.

The firm is duly registered with The Law Societies of the Northern Provinces & -Cape of Good Hope and, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 2 of the Attorneys Act of 1979, holds a Fidelity Fund Certificate in compliance with the provisions of Sections 42 & 43 of the aforesaid act. The firm is further duly registered in terms of the Value Added Tax (“VAT”) – and Companies Act, as an incorporated entity.

The firm was founded by Otto Krause in the year 2000 with the sole purpose of focusing on quality levels of service and the development of a prolonged, successful relationship with each and every one of its diverse clients. From the outset, the firm has distinguished itself from competitors by delivering an unquestionably improved and unparalleled customer service.


The firm’s head office is based in the West Rand of JOHANNESBURG at Unit C9, Clearview Office Park, 77 Wilhelmina Avenue, ROODEPOORT.

It is the firm’s continuous mission to achieve customer loyalty by means of excellent levels of service and a true understanding of the needs and frustrations of the general public, having to navigate the complicated avenues and remedies currently available in the South African legal process.

At Otto Krause Inc. we’ve come to realize that good customer service is the only way for an attorneys firm to distinguish itself from its competitors. It is therefore of utmost importance to accept that true customer service can solely be achieved by understanding the daily needs and frustrations continually experienced by the man on the street, entrepreneurs and businessmen/-women alike. This firm truly understands and associates with these needs and frustrations and has consequently, due to this intimate understanding and association, been successful in retaining existing clients as well as continually rapidly expanding its client base.

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